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Relationship counselling

There is a perception that Relate is somewhere couples only go if a partner has had an affair or other major crisis. In reality anyone can use our services whether they are single, married or in a civil partnership, living together or apart. Whether you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual or transgender we are here to help with whatever relationship problems you may have.

People come to us for all different reasons be it minor worries or a major conflict.

We are all unique in the way we experience life and reality. One person’s perception about a situation is not always the same as another’s.

Perhaps you feel your relationship is not as you would like it to be, but you are uncertain what needs to be changed or how you can go about it. You may be trying to work through a difficult situation with your partner and want help. It could also be that things are going perfectly for you, if so we can help maintain that happy relationship.

Talking to our experienced counsellors can make a real difference. Our highly trained professional counsellors are non-judgemental and supportive. They provide a constructive and confidential environment where you can talk about any problems and work through them.

Our counsellors work is not just with couples, they also work with many people who are not in a current relationship.

Relationship counselling is about helping you make the most of your relationships, past, present or future; personal, work, social and family.


Our counsellor was so helpful and we owe her our future together for which we will be forever in her debt.

Thank you so much for all your help. You were very in tune with our problems and helped us so much.

We found out more about each other in 2 sessions than we had in our 25 year relationship.

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