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Young Persons counselling

You may be worried or upset and sometimes it is easier to talk to someone who is not connected to either your school or home life. Our counsellors are able to help you to talk about the things that are worrying you and will help you to talk honestly and openly. They can support you with problems like family breakdown, moving in with a second family, bullying, on-line problems, self-harming, loneliness, loss, feelings of anger. Whether it is depression or any mental health concern or you just don't feel right but cant explain it. Take that first step and pick up the phone and discuss with one of our friendly administrators. You can contact us yourself or arrange through a parent or responsible adult.


I was at such a low part of my life before I met you but you have helped me grow into a strong independent woman..

Iíll NEVER forget how much you helped me, you are an inspiration!

I canít believe one person can have such a huge positive impact on someoneís life. Thank you for helping me become a better person.

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